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A message from our butcher, Aubrey Allen...


Our beef is bred in a clean, green and ethical way on pastures for flavour

and are selected from native suckler beef breeds. In a world where farmers

are paid for yield not flavour and 80% of all steaks sold in this country are

imported, we’ve always believed in sourcing from the areas of outstanding

natural beauty that the pastures of the British Isles affords, with much of our

beef coming from Cornwall. We use Angus, Hereford and Devon Reds

carefully selected to a specific classification and purchased whole to retain

consistency. This helps to place our product in the top 1% of beef in the world.


The dry ageing process takes place in beef maturation chambers controlling

Temperature, humidity and airflow to improve the flavour, tenderness and

Succulence. Access to these chambers is limited to produce the optimum

enviroment for the beef to mature on the bone.


          “Aubrey Allen is the holy grail of beef”

  • Richard McComb, food jounalist

          “the best example of dry-ageing in the world”

  • Prof. Chris Caulkin, meat scientist, Nebraska

flat-iron steak founder

Chiltern House, Calenick St, Truro



01872 213200


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